April 3rd 2019

That’s right, after the success of last year’s conference, we’re doing it all over again! On Wednesday April 3rd 2019 we’ll be at the Boiler Shop in Newcastle for another Frontend filled fiesta! Check out our splendid speakers below, or head on over to the schedule to check out the talks.

If you want to know a little more about Newcastle or The North east, then check our 2019 guide!

Code of Conduct

We are commited to running a harassment-free conference experience for everyone, regardless of gender, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion (or lack thereof).

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We’ve planned a full day of talks from industry leaders and local talents, across the spectrum of frontend development.

Lea Verou

Even More CSS Secrets

Lea is currently busy researching how to make web programming easier at MIT CSAIL. She is the author of bestselling advanced CSS book CSS Secrets and has worked as a Developer Advocate at W3C. She has a long-standing passion for open web standards, and is one of the few Invited Experts in the CSS Working Group. Lea has also started several popular open source projects and web applications, such as Mavo, Prism, and -prefix-free and maintains a technical blog at lea.verou.me. She holds a MSc in Computer Science from MIT. Despite her academic pursuits in Computer Science, Lea is one of the few misfits who love code and design equally.

Jeremy Keith

Going Offline

Jeremy Keith lives in Brighton, England where he makes websites with the splendid design agency Clearleft. You may know him from such books as DOM Scripting, Bulletproof Ajax, HTML5 For Web Designers, Resilient Web Design, and, most recently, Going Offline.

He curated the dConstruct conference for a number of years as well as Brighton SF, and he organised the world’s first Science Hack Day. He also made the website Huffduffer to allow people to make podcasts of found sounds—it’s like Instapaper for audio files.

Jeremy spends most of his time goofing off on the internet, documenting his time-wasting on adactio.com, where he has been writing for over fifteen years.

Rachel Andrew

Grids All the Way Down

Rachel Andrew is a front and back-end web developer, author and speaker. Author or co-author of 22 books including The New CSS Layout and a regular contributor to a number of publications both on and offline. Rachel is co-founder of the CMS Perch and Notist, Editor in Chief of Smashing Magazine, a Google Developer Expert and an Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group. She writes about business and technology on her own site at rachelandrew.co.uk.

Remy Sharp

Using a modern web to recreate 1980S horribly slow and loud loading screens

Remy is the founder and curator of ffconf, the UK based JavaScript conference. He also ran “jQuery for Designers” website, co-authored Introducing HTML5 and runs a video course on the command line.

Whilst he’s not writing articles or running and speaking at conferences, he runs his own development and training company in Brighton called Left Logic. And he built these popular tools: nodemon, jsbin.com, inliner, mit-license.org, snapbird.org, jsconsole.com and others!

Katie Fenn

Chrome DevTools, Inside Out

Katie is a senior software engineer from Sheffield. She loves attending conferences, writing talks and building nifty things with the Web. When not at work, you’ll most likely find her on a bike in the Peak District or engrossed in a video game.

Ruben van der Leun

Instant VR, Just Add Browser

Starting at a very young age with GW-Basic, Ruben knew that software development would play an important part of his life. After college, he jumped headfirst into browser-based development. As a freelancer, he is helping developing various mobile and web projects, using Javascript/Typescript, PHP and .NET.

When VR became a hot item again, he held off from buying development kits and focused on phone-based HMDs like the Durovis Dive and Google Cardboard. While he uses a HTC Vive and PSVR often these days, he likes to focus on making XR available for consumers everywhere.

Ania Bebb

They Left, Now What?

After working as an office minion for years, Ania decided to pursue software development as a career in Autumn 2017. Full Stack developer at YLD, working primarily with JavaScript and React. Improving the world, one code line at a time.