We have another stellar line-up this year, along with great food and drink throughout the day. With a mix of technical and non-technical talks with just the right sprinkling of fun, there’s something for everyone.


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Jeremy Keith

Going Offline

Web design is complicated. Web development is complicated. Everything seems to be constantly changing—there’s so much to keep track of. But there’s one thing we can confidently say for sure: websites need an internet connection in order to work. Right? Well, even that is no longer true. Thanks to the powerful technology of service workers, you can now design and develop websites that work offline. This is a game-changer! And now you’ve got something new you need to learn. But don’t worry—Jeremy is here to talk you through a whole range of offline strategies. By the end of this presentation, you’ll have all the knowledge and code you’ll need to free your website from the tyranny of the network connection.


Katie Fenn

Chrome Dev Tools, Inside Out

Chrome DevTools: a suite of tools to debug and profile the performance of your site. They’re bundled with every copy of Chrome, and you have every reason to learn what they’re capable of.

Starting with the basics of inspecting HTML and CSS, we will then tour debugging scripts line-by-line and profiling performance. We’ll also find out the features that help you automate work and save time. If you’ve always wanted to know how to debug CSS and Javascript, this talk will help you demystify your code and not make things worse by guessin’.


Morning Break


Remy Sharp

Using a modern web to recreate 1980S horribly slow and loud loading screens

These days people chase the dream of high performance, fast loading slick web sites. But in the 1980s computers were ugly, slow and loud: let’s make that instead 👴 👵 💪

The first generation of home computers launched a movement of developers and hackers across the world. But to start your app, you had to load a tape (a really old usb-type-thing), press play, and patiently wait for the screech of the program to load (akin to listening to a fax machine).

Why invest time in building fast website, when we can have fun building slow old retro machines using JavaScript. The end result is a mix of Web Audio, canvas API, cameras, audio jacks, binary, typed arrays, blobs, history of computing and a lot of questionable JavaScript.


Ania Bebb

They Left, Now What?

Alongside Agile and Extreme Programming, flat organisational structures are becoming more and more popular. They encourage transparency, as well as knowledge sharing. Nevertheless, often tasks and processes are owned by one person, and are not documented well (or at all). This talk will explore what organisations can do to avoid the essential knowledge being lost as staff moves on. The talk will also tackle this subject from a different angle; one that is relevant to most human beings.




Ruben van der Leun

Instant VR, Just Add Browser

With VR starting to taking off and AR becoming more and more of a thing, there is one particular industry that can play an important part in its adaption: The Web.

This talk will cover why the browser is an effective tool to run XR applications and what tools are available to craft these virtual experiences, along with a number of examples how it’s being used right now.

Make sure your mobile is charged, bring your Google Cardboard because there will be live demos.


Rachel Andrew

Grids All the Way Down

Two years have passed since Grid Layout launched across all major browsers. However as it was landing and becoming available for us to use in production, work on the spec continued. Due to this work, Level 2 of the Grid Specification contains the most wanted feature as people come to grips with the spec - subgrid.

In this talk Racehl will explain what subgrid is, the problems that it will solve for web designers and developers, and the things that it will make possible. She wll also take a look at some of the other things that are coming to CSS Layout, and how you can get involved in pushing all of these new things forward.


Afternoon Break


Lea Verou

Even More CSS Secrets

CSS Secrets was a series of talks that were loved by audiences all around the globe and led to Lea’s bestselling book “CSS Secrets”. The premise is simple: Ten surprising yet practical things you didn’t know you could do in CSS, live-coded in Lea’s trademark interactive presentation style. This third installment of the series will include new juicy secrets related to CSS Variables, SVG, grid layout, flexbox, variable fonts, among other things. Prepare to be inspired again as Lea debuts ten all-new feats of advanced CSS wizardry, which will help you understand CSS at a much deeper level.


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Post social

This year our post social is once again at the excellent Lane 7.

You will be able to bowl, play table-tennis and much more!

A huge thanks to our post social sponsor, Ronald James!

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